People’s Climate March: Gwangali, Busan

Saturday the 20th of September
It is a perfect afternoon for participating in the world wide People’s Climate March, and Gwangali Beach, Busan, is a beautiful spot for it too.

5 + bear

People from many places around Korea and the world come along to share their hopes for a world where carbon and methane pollution is under control, and the atmosphere, the sea, and the land are all given the time they need to heal.

6 + bridge

New York sees a crowd 400,000 strong march for the movement. In Busan the numbers are smaller but commitment and conviction are just the same.

7 + bear + sign

It was possibly also a first time for participating in a demonstration for at least one of us…

Baby + mum + sign

… And special visitors and guests of honor were also welcomed. This global village is home to us all!

bear + sign

It’s great to know that others know that, here in Busan, and in other parts of our small blue/green home too:


Al Jazeera English’s report (about 4 minutes):

People’s Climate March, Livestreaming recording (about 3 hours):


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