Seasonal Clothing Swap

Sunday, 2-5pm

19th of October

Table Talk English Cafe, KSU



About now is the time for those shorts and tanks to be put away for flannels and long pants.

As you go through your closet you may have found yourself with a pile of unwanted items. If you find yourself in this predicament then here is an event for you!

Come join us at Table Talk Cafe in KSU on Sunday, October 19th from 2pm-5pm to get rid of, exchange, swap, and find some gently-used/new-to-you items to take home.

Peruse the items and if you find nothing to your liking then don’t feel down, just drown your sorrows with some tasty carrot cake or a hot beverage.

Items to bring for exchange: clothing; accessories; and shoes. Both men’s and women’s clothing accepted and appreciated.

Any left overs will be donated to a soon to be announced organization.

Updates available on Facebook here.
Questions? Please write in the comments section below, or on the Facebook wall.


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